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Monday, January 20, 2003  

Catch phrases

Remember the "Axis of Evil?" Well, the New York Times has an article pointing out that it's nearing the one-year anniversary of the infamous declaration in last year's State of the Union address. The phrase remained a part of the Bush rhetorical toolkit for several months after the first remark, including in an April speech to the Virginia Military Institute, a May speech in Germany, several times in June, and a final time in August in Crawford.

Since then, the President has avoided the phrase.

When the Times questioned Ari Fleischer about the phrase, Fleischer stood by it (which is more than the President seems to be doing).

"Just as Ronald Reagan was accurate in calling the Soviet Union the evil empire, it's important to people inside those three countries who want to be free to know that the United States has not forgotten their cause."

So, what are the odds the President will use it again this year? Fleischer says, "Tune in," but I have a bridge to sell to anyone who thinks the President's going back to that particular catch phrase.

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