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Wednesday, January 22, 2003  

Is this arrogance indicative of White House policy?

JED BABBIN: (On the significance of France's concerns about invading Iraq) Well, it's not significant at all. Frankly it's merely a repeat of what the French and the Chinese and the Russians did in 1998 when with Kofi Annan they agreed to basically block the effectiveness of the inspections that were going on at this time. The process of the U.N., the president is right, has a finite amount of time. It would be tremendously ironic to see a nation like France, which has really no other voice in the world other than its vote on the Security Council, to have this sort of an effect and basically deprive the U.N. of legitimacy in the future because that is what they are really approaching if they veto a resolution that we present for military action against Iraq.

and later...

GWEN IFILL: I guess my question is does it matter that [Britain is the US's] only [remaining] staunch ally?

JED BABBIN: Not really. At this point who else really could matter? The others don't have the forces. They do not have the influence, even the economic influence to really try to shape matters. We need to proceed as our interests dictate.

and later still...

JED BABBIN: Well, that certainly would not scuttle the Atlantic alliance. The Atlantic alliance is very well and strong. It exists between London and Washington. The rest simply are irrelevant to our calculation.


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