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Sunday, January 12, 2003  

Let's have a war
A nice article in the Sunday Times about class war and taxes. The article goes all the way back to TR, who as the article notes, said: "I do not like the social conditions" created by an overclass. Indeed, income taxes weren't initially envisioned as punishment for the rich, but in fact to avert class warfare. Good stuff. I recommend giving it a look.

We don't seem to be on the brink of class warfare in 2003. Despite dire warnings from the front lines that the working poor are working harder and harder for less, there seems to be little mobilization against the Bush giveaways. There are starting to be signs that that's changing, however.

Out here on the West Coast, where subversion is less subversive, we may have reached a tipping point. Two articles in today's Oregonian (a middle-right newspaper) outline the failure of conservative policies, beginning in 1990, when the first of the anti-tax initiatives strangled lawmakers's choices. (Front page article on the history of taxes in Oregon; the analysis by Op-Ed writer David Sarasohn isn't on the web yet--link to come.) The situation is bad enough that even the Times has taken notice of the effect on schools--Oregon now has the shortest school year in the nation (either 165 or 156 days, depending on revenues). If the state doesn't pass a special referendum later this month, a variety of services--from drug treatment and elder services to corrections--will get cut. And once Johnny out of school, sharing cigs with Nick the released con, Suburban Soccer Mom may quit voting to cut taxes.

So Dubya doesn't want a war? I wouldn't either, if I were in his Tony Lamas--but trying to shame the hungry and tired may not be enough this time. I say (cue Fear) let's have a war!

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