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Thursday, January 23, 2003  


On Interesting Times, host Chris posted a quote from Helen Thomas, refering to Bush: “This is the worst president ever. He is the worst president in all of American history.” (From an article he found here.)

Is she right?

We tend to glorify our own times, so that the greatest (or worst, or biggest, or whatever) always happens in our time. So obviously the President gets extra bonus hate points for being here now. You may recall an article I linked recently that describes this very phenomenon. (It refers to a Zogby poll in which Bush's "greatness" rating slid from 3rd among modern presidents--behind FDR and JFK--to 6th.) I'm no historian, but personally, I'd say Bush has a very good opportunity to be the worst president of all time. I can't agree with Helen Thomas, though--it's too early, and this is definitely a president who manages not to live up to expectation. But I tell you, by gum, the guy's definitely got a shot.

Who do you like? Who's a contender? Reagan? Hoover? Cast your votes now!

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