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Thursday, January 16, 2003  

News Roundup

That cynical, conspiratorial part of my brain is beginning to think that the Bush Administration and the GOP plan their initiatives in clumps, so that a good many get lost in the daily news cycle. But that's reading too much into it, isn't it? Anyway, the news of the day:

The President is seeking to subvert UN weapons inspections. Actually, he just wants to shut them up: fearing that they won't find any evidence of WMD, he want to stop the inspectors from issuing a March 27 report on their discoveries. Which bring to mind a couple thoughts. Didn't the President assert he had good evidence of Iraqi WDM? If so, why is he so sure the inspectors won't find it. And also, I have to say that hearing this report--the Bush Administration behaving secretively and trying to cover up information--I was shocked. The Bush Administration cover something up?

In news of the Supreme Court, copyrights have been extended. Everything about this ruling seems spot-on, doesn't it? I mean, certainly it seems like the right thing to do to extend copyright protection to intellectual property so that an author's (or songwriter's or corporate giant's) great-grandchildren can continue to be cared for. And the court's rationale--to defer to Congress--is also heartening. I think it might be a new era of generosity among the branches of government--"Nah, hell, why don't you guys handle this one. . ."

The LA Times is reporting that Senate Republicans are preparing a little magic trick to jam ANWR drilling through. Instead of keeping it as a provision of the energy bill (which failed last year), they're going to put it on the budget bill, which is not subject to a fillibuster and which only needs 50 votes (plus Cheney) to pass. ANWR open sesame!

A federal court judge criticizes a government request to deny Jose Padilla legal representation. And this just in, US AG John Ashcroft endorses effort to change pledge of allegiance's final phrase. New text: with liberty and justice at the discretion of the CIA.

Let's see, Reagan cut taxes, got massive deficits. Bush cut taxes and ... (From an article in the LA Times that federal deficits are blossoming.)

White House Budget Director Mitchell E. Daniels Jr. said in a speech Wednesday that the Bush administration expects to run deficits of 2% to 3% of the gross domestic product in the next few years, substantially more than the deficit the government ran in the last fiscal year.

White House economists briefly posted on the White House Web site an analysis that showed the plan would add $33 billion to the deficit this fiscal year, $113 billion next fiscal year and $359 billion over the five years from 2003 to 2007. But they quickly removed the document, saying it needed to be reworked.

So much news, so little time to stew in your own bile.

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