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Thursday, January 23, 2003  

Ode to Krugman

All you good lefties out there read your Paul Krugman, dontcha? Two helpings a week--Tuesday and Friday--is all you need to keep abreast of the Great Wealth Transfer future generations will read about in their history books. Yesterday Howard Kurtz wrote a fascinating bio about Krugman--a must read. A couple of teasers:

"It's a very uncomfortable thing to question the honesty and motives of your leaders. I'm saying that the men who are controlling our destiny are lying. Not many journalists or many people want to confront them."

"Probably a majority of reporters are registered Democrats or vote Democratic,. But a heavy majority of editors are Republican. The corporations that control most media are Republican. There are operations like Fox News which are unabashedly part of the Republican enterprise and operations like CNN which are carefully evenhanded. The Times is actually -- it's clear the editorial page is mildly liberal and most of the staff must be mildly liberal. But in reporting on issues, most of the time it bends over backwards to find two sides to every story."

A couple of interesting sites are his Princeton homepage, and a fan page that has an archive of all his times articles, as well as other writings and links.

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