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Tuesday, January 21, 2003  


Below, Reilly notes that a Bush assault is ready to go, just as soon as one of those damn terrorists shakes his ass at us (apparently no one's buying the threat posed by Saddam's empty warheads). This is fairly scary talk, when you think that the President might be spoiling for an attack so that he can retaliate. On that note, I've been meaning to make some predictions for the archives for awhile, so here goes:

The Iraq invasion. Oddsmakers have this baby set to pop in March, but I'm going to dissent. I think that there will be no terrorist attack and no "smoking gun" as the March date approaches. Bush, whom we've identified matches the profile of a bully, will not stand up to France, Russia, and Democrats at home. Instead, he'll "redeploy" the 150,000 troops in a shell-game maneuver that will have them home by the fourth of July.

On the likely Democratic candidate for Prez. Lord, let's hope one emerges. How about this: Bush so infuriates his moderate base that John McCain decides to follow Jeffords into defection, but he jumps all the way to the Dems. And, of course, emerges as the leading candidate for prez.

Best picture Oscar. Tough one, and I may change this as the buzz gets moving (or alternately, if this choice isn't nominated), but how about The Hours? It'll make the Academy feel so intellectchall.

Super Bowl. I'll go with the pirates.

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