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Monday, January 13, 2003  

President Bush has named Mark W. Everson to head the IRS. Keeping in mind his propensity to put foxes in henhouses, I dug around to see what I could find on Mr. Everson.

Currently the controller at the OMB, Everson is (surprise!) both a Reagan alum and former corporate exec. More details, from the Chief Financial Officers Council (part of the OMB):

Prior to joining the Bush Administration in August 2001, Mr. Everson served as Group Vice President – Finance of SC International Services, Inc., a $2.2 billion privately owned, Dallas based, food services company with leading market positions in both airline catering and home meal solutions. For ten years, from 1988 until 1998, Mr. Everson was an executive with the Pechiney Group, one of France’s largest industrial groups. While with Pechiney, he held financial and operating positions in Chicago, Illinois; Manisa, Turkey; Marion, Indiana; and finally at the group’s headquarters in Paris, France. While in Paris, he served as Senior Vice President – Control, and was the only non-Frenchman to direct a corporate function (budgeting, management reporting, and preparation of the multi-year plan) at Pechiney.

Mr. Everson served in the Reagan Administration from 1982 until 1988. For three years, he was at the U.S. Information Agency, the public diplomacy arm of the government. In 1985, he moved to the Department of Justice where he served as Special Assistant to Attorney General Edwin Meese III. He was subsequently Executive Associate Commissioner and then Deputy Commissioner of the Immigration and Naturalization Service. While at INS, he oversaw implementation of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, landmark legislation providing for sanctions against employers hiring undocumented aliens and granting amnesty to millions of qualifying illegal aliens.

Interesting fact from the bio: after leaving business school, he began his career at Arthur Anderson.

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