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Tuesday, January 14, 2003  

What’s wrong with this picture?

A Times editorial chastises the Republicans today:

“In a vivid bit of leadership payback, Representative Christopher Shays, the Connecticut Republican, has been punished for his role as champion of last year's campaign finance reform bill. Mr. Shays had infuriated his party leaders by working with Democrats to foil Republican attempts at bottling up the bill. Now these same leaders have denied him the chairmanship of the House Government Reform Committee, a high-profile post for which his ranking seniority and legislative talents fully qualify him.”

What’s wrong with this? If you’re a Dem (or, God forbid, an actual liberal), it’s that your party doesn’t do the same. Whereas Shays is reasonably defended here as voting his conscience, what’s the excuse for Democrats who rolled over in votes for the first Bush tax cut, the farm bill, or granting the President unilateral power to invade Iraq? In general, I’m ambivilent about party politics, but the Dems could certainly use a hammer right about now.

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