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Monday, February 10, 2003  

I don't have the opportunity to blog today, which is a shame. This Belgian-German-French-Russian bloc stuff is fascinating. As is the administration's puerile reaction. It's not remarkable that NATO's breaking down, it's amazing that the US thinks it can bully the world without NATO breaking down.

(Or maybe not. Last week's New Yorker discusses how many of the recent failures of US intelligence didn't arise from poor information as much as they did from a lack of imagination. On India setting off its nukes--the US didn't anticipate it because that's not what they would have done. If there's a story in all this Iraq "diplomacy," it's that the US is pathologically unable to comprehend that other sovereign nations might not hold the view that they're the US's servile bellhops. Which really is the only thing that could explain the administration's recent bizarre behavior.)

Anyway, as a talking point--what do others think about this? Reduce the likelihood of war? NATO's future? The UN's? Inspections? On what date will Donald Rumsfeld actually explode with fury?

More tomorrow--

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