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Friday, February 07, 2003  

Liberal Media

When Colin Powell gave his speech to the UN on Wednesday, he had a number of audiences. He wanted to convince the world, for sure, but this might have been a secondary effort—after all, the President seems at ease with the “coalition of the willing” he’s already got. More worrisome for the administration, I’d wager, is the majority of Americans who thought invasion might be a little hasty. So the Secretary of State wanted to clean up business at home.

One measure of that success was analyzed today by the Brookings Institution: American newspapers. Good news for the President—they were convinced, mostly.

"While all the papers praised Powell's performance, the speech's impact on their editorials was marginal at best. Only the Arizona Republic in Phoenix and the Oregonian in Portland moved significantly in the pro-war direction. The other papers that became somewhat more supportive after Powell spoke were USA Today, Newark Star-Ledger, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, San Diego Union-Tribune, and the Detroit Free Press."

Don’t let that “marginal impact” language fool you: only two of the 25 papers the Institute surveyed were strongly anti-war (the NY Times and the The Register of Orange County). Which means, if you’re keeping track, that papers like Washington Post and Chicago Sun-Times (ain’t that the liberal one?) were pro-war.

Further proof that the liberal media has the nation cowed and whinging from underneath its commie hammerlock.

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