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Saturday, February 08, 2003  

Other Congressional Legislation on Iraq

After Peter DeFazio's bill (to remove the President's blank check to invade Iraq) made news earlier this week, I decided to dig around and see if anything else was in play. The Senate proposed a similar item: Senate Resolution 28.

Text and Sponsors

A resolution expressing the sense of the Senate that the United Nations weapons inspectors should be given sufficient time for a thorough assessment of the level of compliance by the Government of Iraq with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1441 (2002) and that the United States should seek a United Nations Security Council resolution specifically authorizing the use of force before initiating any offensive military operations against Iraq.

Sen. Byrd,
Sen Bingaman, Jeff - 1/29/2003 [NM]
Sen Boxer, Barbara - 1/29/2003 [CA]
Sen Feingold, Russell D. - 2/5/2003 [WI]
Sen Feinstein, Dianne - 1/29/2003 [CA]
Sen Inouye, Daniel K. - 1/29/2003 [HI]
Sen Jeffords, James M. - 2/4/2003 [VT]
Sen Kennedy, Edward M. - 1/29/2003 [MA]
Sen Sarbanes, Paul S. - 1/29/2003 [MD]

Whether this congressional movement will provoke any discussion--or whether there is time to do so--remains to be seen. Still, it's nice to know there's opposition.

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