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Friday, February 21, 2003  

Rating the Democratic Candidates

Howard Dean, former Vermont governor

Plus: The former Vermont governor reminds voters of the West Wing’s Martin Sheen.
Minus: Not Martin Sheen.

North Carolina Sen. John Edwards

Plus: Youthful, good-looking southern politician with great hair.
Minus: Still waiting for nameplate at Senate office.

Missouri Rep. Richard Gephardt

Plus: Old-guard leader of the Democrats; former minority leader.
Minus: Voters hate old-guard Democrats.

Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry

Plus: Echoes of John F. Kennedy.
Minus: Echoes of Michael Dukakis.

Connecticut Sen. Joseph Lieberman

Plus: Is able to laugh at Democrats’ foibles.
Minus: Is actually a Republican.

The Rev. Al Sharpton

Plus: Not a Washington insider.
Minus: Is Al Sharpton.

Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich

Plus: No negative image in voters’ minds.
Minus: No image at all in voters’ minds.

Carol Moseley-Braun, former U.S. senator from Illinois

Plus: Reprise of the feel-good candidate of 1992.
Minus: Controversial financial decisions led to feel-bad single term.

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