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Friday, March 28, 2003  

Coalition, revised

So it looks like the White House's procedure for creating that "coalition partners" list amounted to jotting down names of likely chums and then sliding them a little bribe money down the road. Or so it seems from the news that Slovenia was hopping mad to learn it was on the list.

Ljubljana - The United States has mistakenly named Slovenia as a partner in its war against Iraq - and even offered it a share of the money budgeted for the conflict.

One day after hundreds of Slovenians hit the streets to protest the inclusion of their nation in the US war budget, Prime Minister Anton Rop said Washington had goofed...

"We are a part of no such coalition. We are a part of a coalition for peace," Rop said.

Lesson: offer more than pocket change when bribing foreign countries (not everyone's as poor and desperate as Oregon, after all).

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