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Friday, March 07, 2003  

Media Bias? How 'bout Media Boneheadedness.

Some random thoughts on the media front before we go into the really big news. So have you been following the not-quite news that two of Osama bin Laden's sons have been captured? I just saw it on Google News. Possibly everyone in the world knows about Google News: if not, check it out. The most interesting thing about it is that you can tell how "big" a news story is by how much chatter Google finds (whether there's a story there or not). At this moment (10:13 am, Pacific time), Google's got 1009 separate news pieces on this "story."

Compare that to a story the New York Times is reporting, in which the United States is surprised to find that South Korea doesn't want it to pull back troops, despite large protests there:

"The demand for American troops to stay comes as a shock to United States officials, who had assumed they were responding to commonly held Korean thinking by pushing ahead with plans for shifting the American military posture."

For my money, this is WAY bigger news. The United States was prepared to remove troops from South Korea, and they hadn't even asked South Korea? Good LORD, that's yet another massive diplomatic failure.

But I digress. The point here is Google, right? Care to guess how many related articles were listed on this story as of 10:13 am Pacific Time? Twelve.

(Meanwhile, a neighbor of an uncle of Osama bin Laden's gardner has heard from a Pakistani official that Osama bin Laden's sons may have been captured, the Grover Cleveland Junior High School Gazette of Grand Rapids is reporting.)

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