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Thursday, March 13, 2003  

Report on School Funding

Interesting report from the Census Bureau about school funding published this week. It's one of those very dense statistical pieces, and worth reading if you have time and inclination. A few interesting facts:

Per pupil spending ranges dramatically, from a low in Utah of $4,625 to a high in New York of $10,922 per year (the national average is $7,284). Here in Oregon, where cutting school days, and packing three dozen kids into a classroom are regularly discussed, spending is above the national average, but not excessive at $7,511. Eyeballing the list, it looks like the Northeast spends more on schools than other regions, followed by the Midwest; the South and West pull up the rear (that's generally speaking, of course).

School funding (national data): 50% from state sources, 43% from local sources, and only 7% from federal sources.

Spending: 85% goes to current spending (instruction and support), while 12% goes to capital outlays. Of the money spent, 61% goes to teachers, 12% to other staffing (support staff, administration), 10% to maintenence, 5% to pupil support (?), and 4% to pupil transportation (leaving a miscellaneous pot of 9%).

Of course, the rubber meets the road when you start looking at state data, which is provided in the text.

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