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Thursday, April 17, 2003  

And then there's this: a somewhat biting indictment of the average American. No, it didn't come from the Times.

"But where is Saddam Hussein now? Nobody — not the Bush administration, not the Western media, not the American people themselves — appear to give much of a damn. Less than a week after the fall of Baghdad, Saddam is already largely forgotten. Bush has stopped mentioning him, as he stopped mentioning Osama....

"News has a notoriously short shelf-life in the US, where the media often appear — to the rest of the world at least — to work on the understanding that the average American viewer has a concentration span only marginally longer than that of a goldfish.

"Considering that the progressive talents of the American people ushered in the IT age, it is extraordinary that they process information so lethargically and naively, falling victim to every misinformation campaign their government concocts."

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