Notes on the Atrocities
Like a 100-watt radio station, broadcasting to the dozens...

Friday, April 18, 2003  

Because I'm overly excitable and generally reactionary, some of you have criticized me for my seemingly Art Bell-like theories. Point taken. But a comment on the story below. Not to put too fine a point on it--well, actually, to put a very fine point on it: the rich people who own media conglomerates and helm massive multinationals and run the US government--they're all the same people. It's not a conspiracy theory to notice that when Republicans push for a proposal and then their friends--who are their neighbors, their golfing buddies, and their campaign donors--at MSNBC or Fox or Time/Warner beam it into your television, there's something a little fishy.

I continued on there for another several sentences in the same vein, becoming increasingly wild with my adverbs. I felt it was underming the point, so I'll stop here--you know the lyrics, anyway.

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