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Wednesday, April 23, 2003  

The brain is stuck in first gear today, so rather than subject you to a dull wander I'll point you to some fine reading.

So, what will bloggers contribute to the 2004 election cycle? A couple of early entrants here and here. A blogger I read avidly shows that all politics are local: Big Air Fred. Check out his throw-down to the Greens here (in Oregon, the Greens are relevant). Or, if you're in a particularly pugnacious mood, you might read this attack on Krugman and come up with a response.

The always-direct Jake at Lying Media Bastards has some nice analysis here. Talking Points Memo is well--Talking Points Memo. One Man's Opinion both looks good and is good for you.

And during these days in Ashcroft's America, your first stop should be Talk Left. It's not fun to read, but you should do it anyway. Doc's Nebula? Well, you'll just have to sample it for yourself (I suggest yesterday's blogs, as an intro). And then there's World War Three, providing some insight about keepin the peace in Iraq.

I don't know, maybe I just caught a dose of this. Nahhh...

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