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Friday, April 25, 2003  

Detentions Update

A number of blogs have posted the news of the Portland rally (thanks!), which seems to be generating more energy there. For those of you who are trying to organized satellite rallies in your own cities, the folks organizing the Portland event have suggestions here. Organizers would especially like a heads up email ASAP if you plan a rally--send the time and date and they'll post it on the official site.

"Our success in publicizing this cause is due in great measure to simple and consistent messages. Rallies of 100 or more people (even 50) in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington would make a tremendous impact on the national debate on this issue. We were able to turn out 150+ people on 48 hours notice here in Portland, you can do it if you want!"

For Portlanders, this is the current word:

What we REALLY NEED over the next three days are people to print copies of the Tuesday Rally posters on the site and get businesses, especially DOWNTOWN Portland businesses, to post them for us. The posters are on the "Rally" page of the website -- in either MS Word or PDF. You can email the PDF files straight to Kinkos and they will print them for you.

A hundred people in New York, Chicago, Cali, and Washington? An organized reader and a good turnout from friends could manage that!

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