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Tuesday, April 01, 2003  

I always make a liar of myself. First in saying I wasn't gonna read the news, and then in saying I wasn't gonna blog. Give me this dispensation, though: I have to do a little home-state boosterism (and nary a word will be mentioned of the war).

You all recall one Oregon legislator's brilliant effort to turn protesting into terrorism, right? It was in all the blogs. Well, turns out the lunatics aren't running the asylum. Yesterday, the legislature atoned by offering two nice bills that would actually protect civil liberties.

Under House Bill 2047, police officers would be required to warn foreign nationals of their rights to communicate with their consulate, as described in the Vienna Convention. A second, related bill "requires notification to a foreign consulate when a child who is not a U.S. citizen is taken into protective custody," (of which 400 are annually). Now, the great part. Unlike Senator Minnis's bumble, which aroused mainly derision, these bills passed the house 55-3 and 58-0, respectively. You go, Oregon.

Now, back to our previously-scheduled silence.

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