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Wednesday, April 23, 2003  

I've been considering this question of bias and the press for a day now, and ... I got nuthin. Considering all the issues of the public's interest and trusteeship lead me right back to where Dead Flat started out: "the increasing corporatization of networks could cause conflicts of interest leading to omissions and skewed choices in the type of stories that they cover which could lead to type of bias if (and this is a big if) there are no dissenting voices left."

However, I would say that we're in serious danger of losing dissenting voices. Or have already. And even if the media conglomerates who currently control so much of the media in America can said to be offering a choice now, that may change soon. It's really the same old saw that exists in any market--if there aren't regulations, the very competition that leads to a great product eventually leads to a single winner. From a democratic perspective, media is perhaps the most important place for competition--that is, the competition of ideas--to flourish.

And again, thanks to the folks who kept their eye on the ball here.

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