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Monday, April 07, 2003  

Mike Hawash Update

Despite crappy weather (the 36th rainy day of the past 39!) and inconvenient timing, this morning's rally for Mike Hawash was fairly successful. Estimates of 150-200 folks gathered (accurate, in my view) to show our support for Mr. Hawash. The crowd was an older group and was peaceful. Organizers did a good job of alerting the media--there were at least three TV crews and two radio crews on hand (and probably more than that).

A high percentage of folks in the crowd carried signs, almost all of which were on message. "Free Mike Hawash," "Liberty for All," "Due Process," and one person even had a sign with excerpts of the sixth amendment (more pictures here, courtesy of Portland Communique). After an hour or so, Steve McGready, Hawash's former boss at Intel spoke, encouraging the crowd to stay vigilent on this case and others in which legal rights are violated.

AP article here and a local news clip here.

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