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Monday, April 14, 2003  

More news of US post-war blundering: in one suburb called Saddam City, the Marines have handed over local policing to Shi'ite clerics. NPR was reporting earlier that the Marines felt this was a great solution--no more worries for them. This is bizarre, because deputizing long-oppressed, angry factions is exactly what the world doesn't want to see in Iraq.

"In Saddam City, a young cleric ominously hinted Monday that handing back authority over the densely populated neighborhood to a central government may be less than certain....

"Everything in Saddam City suggests power is firmly in the hands of the clerics and that the area's mosques are functioning as the centers of power. There also are many telltale signs that a central, albeit concealed, power is in existence."

The US doesn't wish the UN to be involved in post-war Iraq, and seems to have no plan itself. We've already witnessed a number of disasters that emerged from US inaction and ignorance, and now the US has taken action to worsen the problem.

The dead are still laying in the streets of Tikrit as this happens, but in Washington all we hear is talk of invading Syria. Am I mistaken, or has the White House gone mad?

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