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Thursday, April 24, 2003  

Protest Illegal Detentions

This may well be a long shot, but what the hay--we'll test the reach of this here blog.

As many of you know, a US citizen named Maher "Mike" Hawash was placed in solitary confinement in Oregon last month. He has been held without charge as a "material witness" (to what is not clear--speculation is that the government wishes to link him to six people arrested for links to Al Qaida). You can read background on the case at a site set up by his friends here.

Portlanders are preparing to rally for Mike on Tuesday, April 29th, at the US courthouse in Portland. This will be the second rally for Mike since the government threw him down the Kafka hole--and it's been good for public scrutiny in the case.

But Mike's not the only detainee, nor is this a local issue. I saw an email today on the Free Mike Hawash listserv, and it gave me an idea. Here's the email:

"I don't know Mike Hawash, but as a fellow American, I'm outraged about what has and is happening to him and his family. I live in the Seattle area and I was wondering if there are any other people in my area that would want to have a protest at the federal courthouse in downtown Seattle next Tuesday. If so, please send me an e-mail. Otherwise, I'll drive the three hours down to Portland next Tuesday. I haven't protested anything since the mid-80s, but I've reached a whole new level of frustration with the current Administration."

Probably you get the idea, too: the more (courthouses), the merrier, right? I'll send this link to some of the other bloggers out there, and possibly we can find some point people to organize some protests in their cities (I live in Portland).

Are you ready to protest for Mike (and the rest of the detainees)?

[Update: Another email just came in. "Does anyone know what actions, if any, are being planned in cities other than Portland? If so, an email providing info about those protests and contact numbers would be helpful for all of us outside the Portland area. I'm in San Francisco and would be interested in helping out if anyone is working on a Tuesday protest here.]

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