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Saturday, April 26, 2003  

Spinning Effect by Changing the Cause

A masterful attempt at a Rummy (that is, posing a question to which you supply the answer, thus avoiding a more difficult question to which you have no answer--different from Fleischering):

''People are now trying to suggest that somehow the decision to take military action was entirely conditional on subsequently finding chemical and biological weapons material. That wasn't the case.''
--British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw

No, what people are suggesting is that they remember when Colin Powell sat before the UN waving a little vial to demonstrate the silos of anthrax waiting in Iraq to be distributed to minions of Al Qaida. And that he also had such convincing charts and satellite maps that he could actually point to a gray blur and identify the anthrax-containing silo. We remember because it was a couple months ago.

The article continues:

"The international community 'accepted that Saddam had these weapons and they posed a threat,' he said.''

Well, actually no, they didn't. We also recall that they didn't, because that event happened even more recently--just a couple weeks after the vial-waving incident, when the UN, led by France and Russia (oh them!) demanded the US not invade. Remember? It was during that whole time when the White House and Tony Blair were impatiently calling the same folks "irrelevant."

Here's a better question for Mr. Straw: if there were no WMD, what exactly was the reason you sacked Baghdad? Or even: what was that grey smudge Colin Powell was pointing to?

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