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Tuesday, April 15, 2003  

The US: Corporate Oligarchy

It's not so much that we live in a false democracy--it's a pretty well-established fact that money dictates politics in the US--but that no one seems to mind anymore. Thus we have yet another report about Republican payoffs to corporations: NPR reported today that the chemical and chemical-using industry shot down legislation that would mandate security precautions for dangerous chemicals. The legislation was part of the anti-terror protections congress is trying to pass into law.

What's amazing is that the legislation was passed unanimously in session, 18-0. It was only later, after the chem industry started playing marionette, that the bill was shot down. According to NPR (who I believe got the info here), of the six Republican senators who shot down the legislation, five were the top five recipients of money from--you guessed it--the chemical lobby. That lobby includes reps from the petroleum industry. And so it will come as no surprise that the President also opposed the legislation. Protect the people--as long as it doesn't cost the men behind the curtain anything.

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