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Friday, May 23, 2003  

Annika, Day 2

The thinking today is that she's going to have to get to even to make the cut. Which means a one-under day, well within reach. She tees off at 11:43 Pacific time, updates below.

It's interesting to me to see the press she's gotten. The New York Times: "Anything but Par for the Course." Newsday: "Right Down the Middle." Boston Globe: "History lesson: "She can hang with the boys." I guess people really expected her to be a washout. And yet, when all the endless articles compared her to other golfers, her numbers were quite competitive. She looked to have skill comparable to an average golfer, with a few stellar spots (her fairway accuracy would be the best on the men's tour). Still, everyone was surprised at her performance.

I thought it was okay, but I was really hoping for her to get a cushion so she could make the cut. Week in and week out the journeymen golfers struggle to make the cut. Getting close but not quite there will prove she deserved to play, but I was hoping she could prove something more: that she was competitive. Here's hoping she can scorch the course today. Go Annika!

[Update 9:14 PDT: Annika finished fairly far back, at 145 (+5), and missed the cut. It's a damn shame, and I hope she gives it another shot. After all, Sergio Garcia, Tom Lehman, and Bob Estes also missed the cut. Good effort, Annika!]

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