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Thursday, May 15, 2003  

Executing the Three-Point Strategy: An Economics Example

"Bush’s tax cut's only benefit the ultra-rich. He’s totally in bed with big business, and all his policies are barely-hidden givebacks to corporate fat cats. Not only will the tax cut have no effect on the economy, in the long run it will drag it under. As your candidate for _______, I'd exercise fiscal moderation and only give selective tax cuts for people who will really go out and spend it."

"America's the land of opportunity, one of the most entrepreneur-friendly countries on the globe. The course of American history is the visionary course charted by those creative, innovative business leaders. Any kind of economic growth will come when the next wave of entrepreneurs create new industries from scratch.

"Let me tell you about a great American business. Company X got its start in 1962 when Mr. Smith decided old mousetraps didn’t work very well. Working with his wife and their two sons, Mr. Smith built a better mousetrap. Now Company X employs 600 people in the ________ area, and is the national leader in mousetrap production. Company X starts its employees at a wage twice the national average, and offers full benefits, including on-site day care and a generous retirement package. The retention rate at Company X is legendary; they receive 200 applications a year for just a dozen openings. And what about business? Well, even during this 3-year recession we’re experiencing, Company X has continued to meet or exceed earnings forecasts. They've maintained a healthy cashflow, remain in the black, and have positioned themselves to continue to lead the sector.

"That's what American business is all about: creativity and accountability. America didn’t become the most prosperous country in the world by creating an environment where corporations moved their operations offshore, failed to pull their own weight at home, and failed to disclose their business practices. America can only pull itself out of this recession by relying on the health and transparency of its business sector.

"That's why as your next ____________, I’ll implement my Business Partner Initiative. Through this initiative, we’ll work with local business to make sure they stay right here at home and keep the benefit—for our workers, our economy, our markets, and of course, the individual business—right here at home."

(Then detail a policy that would offer a range of incentives to businesses that have good salaries, offer health care and other benefits, do R&D in new industries, are green, etc. It would probably also identify harsher punishment for Enron-type businesses. Or something like that--anyway, you see the point.)

[This is the first in an ongoing series of strategy briefs from the Institute for Liberal Politics here in the Big Brain division of Notes on the Atrocities. Readers are welcome to steal and propogate at their own discretion.]

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