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Monday, May 12, 2003  

Frank Rich Reads "Notes on the Atrocities"

Or at least, that's one explanation. Rich, in yesterday's Times:

"The Bush presidency might well be the Jerry Bruckheimer presidency — after the hugely successful producer of 'Armageddon,' 'Black Hawk Down' and 'Top Gun,' the movie re-enacted by Mr. Bush in his flyboy landing on the Abraham Lincoln.

Notes on the Atrocities, April 16, '03 (long before the Lincoln landing--and sorry, the archive is bloggered):

FDR is to David O. Selznick as George W. Bush is to _____?

The White House is absolutely spectacular at filling the seats. They promise amazing spectacle. Tax cuts: great for a bull market, even better for a bear market. Invasion of Iraq: regime change, freedom for Iraqis, abated risk from WMD and terrorism, and peace and democracy in the Middle East. Man, that's a helluva trailer. Trouble is, the movie stinks. We were promised adoring crowds--we got the finger. We were promised cooperation and order--we got looting and revenge. Not that anyone expected it to go smoothly (well, no one outside the administration, anyway)--but man, is this ever a half-assed exercise, or what?

(The answer, for those playing at home, is of course Jerry Bruckheimer.)

All right, it's true that he took the idea in a different direction, but hey, he no doubt got the idea reading "Notes," right?

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