Notes on the Atrocities
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Friday, May 30, 2003  

LITERARY WEEK comes to a close today here on Notes on the Atrocities. Today I am taking a look at some of the ethical considerations bloggers confront. All in all, I'd call it a fairly successful week. Not something to do often, but a nice change up. Based on the number of hits I received over the course of the week, I'd say you were all willing to continue reading, and I thank you for that. (I suppose the readership changed in some large or small way, but hit totals stayed consistent--that does seem less likely, however.)

Monday: Emma posts an okay short story.

Tuesday: The prose of the blog.

Wednesday: The prosification of poetry and poetry's relevance in America after 9/11.

Yesterday: The internet and storytelling. Why hypertext was doomed to fail. What is the future of the internet and fiction? Have any new forms of fiction emerged as a result of digitation [digitalization?]?

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