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Wednesday, May 28, 2003  

LITERARY WEEK continues today here on Notes on the Atrocities. Today I am taking a look at the nature and relevance of poetry. Has prosification destroyed the form? Has the Bush administration inadvertantly revived it? (And no, I wasn't thinking Don Rumsfeld's poetry, there....)

Monday: Emma posts an okay short story.

Yesterday: The prose of the blog.

Tomorrow: The internet and storytelling. Why hypertext was doomed to fail. What is the future of the internet and fiction? Have any new forms of fiction emerged as a result of digitation [digitalization?]?

Friday: To be announced.

[Note: The teaser about Rummy's poetry turned out to be an unintentional bait and switch. The truth: I think his poetry's not bad for an amateur. And it's certainly not enormously worse than "The Crow."]

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