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Sunday, June 22, 2003  

Around the blogosphere

Via Suburban Guerrilla, a bit of news I missed. Last weekend, Wesley Clark told Tim Russert that beginning the very day of the World Trade Center bombings, the Bush administration was trying to implicate Iraq. A fascinating report here.

Cyndy over at Mouse Musings is a woman after my own heart. First of all, she wisely notes "Dennis Kucinich rocks!" But more to the point, look at her post here, wherein she discusses the missing WMDs. She also notes, with appropriate wild-eyed paranoia, that many of the links from her earlier posts on the subjects are now dead. You, me, and Mulder, Cyndy: the truth is out there.

The Mighty Reason Man insists he's not a fanatic. Yeah right, tell that to da man, Man--me and Cyndy know better. His thesis is that the Dean detractors detract because they assert Dean can't win. Yeah right, because with 15 months left to go, the decision's made. Look, for whomever is slagging the Man, you just don't get how much sympathy there is to tap into by the right candidate. The only thing the Man's got wrong is the candidate: Kucinich is the real deal.

Speaking of Dean and Russert, did you see their chat this morning? Andrew Northrup did, and he wasn't impressed.

And he got killed on the national defense issue, absolutely slaughtered. Shades of Bush in 2000, unable to name the leader of Pakistan. It's pathetic to offer critiques on how we should use the military when you don't know anything about it. . . .

He's not "too liberal", he just stinks. People don't like him because he's very unlikeable, and a few more performances like that and the press will start eating him alive.


From Peppermint Patty--and without comment (Mom, stop reading)--the remote controlled sex toys. "Have you ever been chatting with someone on the Internet and wanted to do more than just chat? Then you've come to the right place! Here you'll find sex toys with a twist--Remote Control Sex Toys you and your partner can control over the Internet." The graphic is pretty funny (and safe to open at work).

Tora Bora stopped by and left a comment a couple days ago, and I checked out her site. Damn funny. You might admire the entry "Neo-Conservatives-Erm What's That?" Yes, Tora's somewhere in the UK (the "erm" might have clued you in) and she makes me laugh.

Some big-nosed chick (her first name was Mayrev) was very smugly telling the camera that Neo-Conservatives (she’s one of them) haven’t brainwashed the president, it’s just that he’s so very open to their suggestions and willing to listen to their logic. (she actually used the word susceptible)

I don’t know why they even both pretending about this ‘war for democracy and freedom’ and crap. It’s just good old fashioned colonialism. The US is locking in cheap oil prices and safeguarding their interests. They’re not making the world safe for anything but themselves. (last I checked, dropping bombs was a distinctly un-safe thing to do)

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