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Saturday, June 21, 2003  

Emma Debates the DNC

Over on an Atrios comment thread, I've been having a discussion with an unlinked fellow who styles himself "DNC Doug." By the looks of it, he may well be a part of the DNC. Highlights of the conversation:

The DNC is listening to bloggers and we welcome your suggestions. Regarding ePatriots, so far it's been a great success, thanks to people like you, and it will make a big difference for the Dem. nominee against Bush.
dncdoug | Homepage | 06.20.03 - 1:20 pm | #

There was some back and forth after that. I asserted (as always) the three-point plan, and pointed out that Bush is mentioned 6 times more often on the DNC site than any Democrat. A DNC backer rallied to the defence, and Doug posted this:

Bill Rehm frames a strong argument. Our Dem. candidates are out there telling everyone what their vision and plans are, and it's our job to make the most effective, compelling case possible against the Bush administration.
dncdoug | Homepage | 06.21.03 - 7:55 am | #

To which I responded with the following.

DNC Doug,

Well, he "frames" your argument. The question is--are you actually listening to bloggers, or just using the blogosphere to shape opinion? (Not that there's anything wrong with that--however you choose to conduct your campaign is your business.)

If you are listening, rather than shaping, I'd be interested in hearing your reaction to my post about the DNC's solely anti-Bush focus. Why, exactly, do you imagine that's a winning strategy when it has consistently failed in the past?

I know you are in the position of supporting all Dems, which limits your ability to craft a really clear image of the party (the primaries are all about distinguishing oneself). But you have the opportunity to begin building long-term for the future. If you only build a platform on deposing Bush, what is the foundation of the Democratic message? What if you win?

I would like to gently suggest that it's not your "job to make the most effective, compelling case possible against the Bush administration." It's your job to build a coherent message--a vision, a platform, and a set of policy initiatives--that will build a broad base of support among a majority of Americans.

That's where your hope lies.

I'd really love it if this kind of discussion went somewhere. If DNC Doug visits the site, I invite him to respond. In any case, it's somewhat heartening to think the DNC's out reading blogs and posting in comments.

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