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Tuesday, June 10, 2003  

The ePatriot Phenomenon

By now I imagine this is well known: Kos raised something like ten grand in direct funds for Democrats yesterday. Pledged money makes it more like (based on my eyeball extrapolation) $30k.

He did this by requesting that the DNC set up a site to which bloggers can funnel money to the Dems. The first hint that Kos weilds some power is that they did. The site is called, catchily, ePatriots. But that he was able to raise so much money so quickly is, in my view, nothing short of a revolution.

What does this mean? Would other bloggers with similar traffic (15,000 readers a day) be as successful, or is this a quirk of his readership (his focus is on elections)? Who are these people? Are they really, as I suspect, generally younger, less politically active, and less connected to major media? Has he found a way to connect to that magic group of generally liberal nonvoters?

One thing is certain: Kos is about to become a major fundraiser for the DNC. As such, he's going to have some pull. Imagine that: a blogger with pull. The whole thing is amazing....

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