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Monday, June 02, 2003  

"Intelligence Failures"

Actual Reality
First, the facts: Bush lied. As did Don Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Colin Powell, and Condi Rice. In the months and weeks leading up to the Iraq invasion, all are on record as saying some variant of "we know Iraq has weapons of mass destruction, and we know where they are." For weeks now the US has looked--in those locations and elsewhere--and found not a single vial of anthrax. Clearly, they did not know where the weapons were (whether or not they knew if they existed at all).

For posterity, here are a couple choice excerpts from the President. After Iraq declared it had no weapons of mass destruction (remember that?), the President said:

The dictator of Iraq has got weapons of mass destruction. . . . We know what it means to disarm; we know what a disarmed regime does. We know how a disarmed regime accounts for weapons of mass destruction. Saddam Hussein is not disarming, like the world has told him he must do.

Closer to the invasion, Bush's rhetoric heightened.

Great Britain, Spain, and the United States have introduced a new resolution stating that Iraq has failed to meet the requirements of Resolution 1441. Saddam Hussein is not disarming. This is a fact. It cannot be denied.

Saddam Hussein has a long history of reckless aggression and terrible crimes. He possesses weapons of terror. . . .

If the world fails to confront the threat posed by the Iraqi regime, refusing to use force, even as a last resort, free nations would assume immense and unacceptable risks. The attacks of September the 11th, 2001 showed what the enemies of America did with four airplanes. We will not wait to see what terrorists or terrorist states could do with weapons of mass destruction.

We are determined to confront threats wherever they arise. I will not leave the American people at the mercy of the Iraqi dictator and his weapons. | link |

This pointed speech was given after he'd trotted out Colin Powell, who had given the particulars of these weapons:

Let's look at one. This one is about a weapons munition facility, a facility that holds ammunition at a place called Taji. This is one of about 65 such facilities in Iraq. We know that this one has housed chemical munitions. In fact, this is where the Iraqis recently came up with the additional four chemical weapons shells.

Here you see 15 munitions bunkers in yellow and red outlines. The four that are in red squares represent active chemical munitions bunkers.

How do I know that? How can I say that? Let me give you a closer look. Look at the image on the left. On the left is a close-up of one of the four chemical bunkers. The two arrows indicate the presence of sure signs that the bunkers are storing chemical munitions. The arrow at the top that says "security" points to a facility that is a signature item for this kind of bunker. Inside that facility are special guards and special equipment to monitor any leakage that might come out of the bunker. The truck you also see is a signature item. It's a decontamination vehicle in case something goes wrong. This is characteristic of those four bunkers. The special security facility and the decontamination vehicle will be in the area, if not at any one of them or one of the other, it is moving around those four and it moves as needed to move as people are working in the different bunkers.

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Alternative Reality
The war is over, but the press is behaving like it's still embedded. Rather than investigate the administration's lies--perhaps because the prospect is too shocking--media are now happily using the Bushian language of "intelligence failures." As in, "Pressure mounts to find causes of intelligence failures." I Googled the phrase and found 193 references. In a week I expect to see ten times that amount.

Serious journalists are on the scene. But they are the same folks who were questioning all the logic-defying war justifications in the first place. The alternative, bombs-bursting-in-air reality won the day. The FBI and CIA are already national scapegoats--how convenient will it be to place this at their feet?

The President has again lied to the people. But this lie, unlike that made-for-Fox reality lie of President Clinton, is hard for Americans to confront. It's inconceivable that our President would blatantly make up facts to justify invading another country. And because two thirds of the population supported the invasion, accepting this truth means the country must admit they've been taken as rubes. The president's a liar? My patriotism has been taken advantage of? We put our soldiers in harm's way based on a lie?

No. It can't be. Must be the damn CIA and their intelligence failure.

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