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Wednesday, June 25, 2003  

Maureen Dowd tears Clarence Thomas apart. Of course, tearing people apart is her column, but this one goes beyond snide -- and it hits home. (Teaser: "In his dissent, he snidely dismisses the University of Michigan Law School's desire to see minority faces in the mix as "racial aesthetics," giving the effort to balance bigotry in society the moral weight of a Benetton ad. The phrase 'racial aesthetics' would be more appropriately applied to W.'s nominating convention in Philadelphia, when the Republicans put on a minstrel show for the white fat cats in the audience.") More.

And then how about the story that Tim Russert's a tool for the Bush Administration? According to the Post, when Doctor Dean was sandbagged on "Meet the Press" Sunday, Tim Russert was using administration-provided research. (Which reminds me of Bush's proposal in the summer of 2000 to scrap debates with Gore and just "go on Tim Russert's show.") This is the kind of news that makes paranoid freaks out of all of us. Welcome to my padded cell.

Also, the Times is in trouble again. But guess what: you won't hear as much from conservatives about this one, though.

And this just in: Bush is a divider, not a uniter.

Finally, I have a better question that Tim Noah. He asked "Can Bush Be Both Ignorant and a Liar?" (Yes.) My question is, "Can Rummy Be Both Crazy and a Liar?"

(No, he's just lying.)

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