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Thursday, June 05, 2003  

More Housekeeping

Ignatius Reilly, regular commenter here at Notes and a personal friend of mine, has a site called Genfoods. It's a strange amalgam of blog and list site, but is sidling up, slowly and skeptically, to the blog side. He generally has a dozen or so important links up. For instance:

War With Iraq Further Divides Global Publics--Pew Research

The speed of the war in Iraq and the prevailing belief that the Iraqi people are better off as a result have modestly improved the image of America. But in most countries, opinions of the U.S. are markedly lower than they were a year ago. The war has widened the rift between Americans and Western Europeans, further inflamed the Muslim world, softened support for the war on terrorism, and significantly weakened global public support for the pillars of the post-World War II era – the U.N. and the North Atlantic alliance.

If you read Atrios I recommend Genfoods for similar, lesser-covered stories. And starting today, Genfoods as comments, so you can tell him what a cool site he has. Go.

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