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Wednesday, June 11, 2003  

Roll out the Yahoos

Again, meager offerings, with apologies.

First is this news about Bill Pryor. Holy moly. Here's an observation: this hasn't exactly been Bush's week. He's getting hammered about his lying (no news cycle that includes the words "lies" or "mislead the Amercian public" is a good news cycle), he's trying to deflect attention from the royal shaft he gave poor families with his recent federal-funds-transfer-to-the-wealthy, and now this. I guess you reap what you sow. You lie and you risk people calling you a liar. You take money from poor kids and give it to the ultra rich and you risk the chance that people will call you a jerk. And, you nominate Bill Pryor, and you run the risk that his nomination will come up while everyone's arguing about whether you're a bigger liar or a jerk. So it goes.

Then there's this guy.

Only hours after Rep. Roy Blunt was named to the House's third-highest leadership job in November, he surprised his fellow top Republicans by trying to quietly insert a provision benefiting Philip Morris USA into the 475-page bill creating a Department of Homeland Security, according to several people familiar with the effort.

The new majority whip, who has close personal and political ties to the company, instructed congressional aides to add the tobacco provision to the bill -- then within hours of a final House vote -- even though no one else in leadership supported it or knew he was trying to squeeze it in.

I tell you what, there are two words you dearly want to avoid being called: liar and stupid. Bad week for the Republicans.

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