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Saturday, June 14, 2003  

Why Bush Won't Win Oregon

[Note: I thought I had posted this on the Oregon Blog, as was my intent. But, obviously, that wasn't the case. Too little coffee? Early-onset Alzheimers? I'll leave it up here anyway, though, with a little more context. All politics are local right? Okay, here's some local politics for you.]

News today that Bush plans to barnstorm our fair state in '04.

"Smith and other Republican leaders say White House officials -- particularly Bush's top political strategist, Karl Rove -- are anxious to break the Democratic dominance on the West Coast. They believe their best target is in the Northwest, particularly in Oregon where Bush lost in 2000 by fewer than 6,800 votes. Democrat Al Gore defeated Bush by 5 percentage points in Washington."

(Background: Oregon was one of the states where Nader might have swung the vote. Although Gore only beat Bush by 6,000 votes, Nader got 77,000, or 5%--his largest support in the country. So go ahead and figure those 77,000 votes aren't going to Bush in '04, putting him in a hole a lot deeper than a mere 6,000 votes.)

Well, I have a little news for the Prez: ain't gonna happen. He may have lost Oregon by just a hair in the double aught debacle, but that was a long, long time ago. As is usual with the President, he only dimly understands the consequences of his actions. Let's review:

- He got out of the gates by backing Ashcroft's attempt to overturn Oregon's Death with Dignity law.

- Ashcroft had further troubles here when he tried to get ahold of library records. (Multnomah County led a national lawsuit to prevent this.)

- After 9/11, Bush and Ashcroft again ran against the state when they tried to crack down on immigrants and Portland refused to cooperate. (We took a lot of heat for that nationally. The city was again called anti-American, terrorist lovin' "Little Beirut." Doesn't look quite as bad today.)

- Bush waged a war that was wildly-unpopular here. (The local newspaper--The Oregonian--which has statewide distribution, was getting letters to the editor running 95% against the war.)

- Bush tax cuts have very visibly damaged our listing economy, and insult to injury, he refuses to fund his own "no child left behind" legislation, even while Oregon schools make national headlines for their poverty.

Did I miss anything?

Bush may be able to fool a lot of the people a lot of the time, but very few of them live in Oregon. Go find your suckers somewhere else, pal.

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