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Thursday, July 10, 2003  

The blogosphere chatters, I listen.

Tarek at the Liquid List writes deliciously: "Meanwhile, jobless claims rose by another 5,000 tax-cut victims last week. Many economists has anticipated a better situation, but of course, they have their heads up their asses." For those who appreciate the occasional all-inclusive broadside, you could do worse than this.

You guys ever hear of Crooked Timber? Really good stuff. A sample:

Much is made of the damage to US civil liberties of Ashcroft, Poindexter et al’s new crusade against the enemy within. But, as Henry and I discovered at CFP 2003, few people Stateside have really grasped the deep and permanent damage the war on terror is doing to European human rights and civil liberties. This isn’t simply a case of the US pushing unpalatable policies on its hapless allies (though there’s plenty of that going about), but is a more complicated situation in which the law enforcement / Justice and home affairs crowd have used the US war on terror to ram through retrograde measures that no civilised democracy should tolerate.

I'm trying to branch out and locate international bloggers for wider perspective. This is exactly what I was looking for. I'm going to go through another big blogroll revision soon, look for Crooked Timber to be a welcome addition.

Both Amy Sullivan and Kevin Drum link to and give some analysis of this interesting Post article. Both agree now's the time for Dems to close ranks, and they're ready to back whomever emerges. Yet again an opportunity for liberal Democrats--the ones with the ideas--to seize the day.

Chris at Interesting Times posts the latest buzz numbers from Google News. As Dennis Kucinich supporter, it's what I like to see. According to those numbers, our man Dennis has passed both Dick Gephardt and Joe Lieberman to take the number 5 slot. Quick, somebody let Kos know. (It's an odd methodology, pioneered by Chris himself, I believe. He assigns hits for each name on Google News's search page. Kinda cool.)

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