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Tuesday, July 29, 2003  

A few things on the Plame affair, which remains almost as esoteric and yet compelling as early discussions of the grassy knoll. Yesterday, Alterman picked up the story, but just obliquely. Meanwhile, a Google News search turns up a mere 22 references to the story, none more recent than last Wednesday. Bloggers, of course, are following it more closely. Technorati show 92 links to the story. But while it seems limited to only a few fringe bloggers, politicians, of all people, seem to still be interested. It seems Charles Schumer is demanding an investigation. (Oh for the days when investigations were conducted by journalists, not internet nuts and politicians.) I have no idea where this story's headed.

But speaking of nuts, Tom Maguire is looking to upgrade himself to junior Bernstein: of all the bloggers who've been following this, the Minute Man is the most consistent and persistent. I've alway sort of looked at Tom as my closest blog brother, which is odd, since we agree on about zip. But his approach is methodical and reasonable (not to mention amusing), and just a touch daffy--see today's installment of the Krugman Kronicals. Thus we travel parallel paths (or mirror images?).

We've also shadowed each other quite closely on the Ecosystem, rising at the same level, and then plateauing off mid-marsupial, where we were stationed for about the past month or so. But when he started covering l'affair du Plame, I had the sense he had the tail of a Lott-like story. Bloggers for the most part don't report news, but they can keep talking about it. And sometimes their talk leads to something. Well, Tom's no longer a lowly marsupial, having evolved up to large mammal.

Bloggers often wonder how to increase their links and readers. Tom's coverage is a great example of how you do it. Those kinds of stories don't happen every day, but there are a million or so political bloggers, and only one of us was following that story. After awhile, a lot of us got interested, and so we started tuning in to the source. Good work, Mr. Maguire. But remember, I knew you when you were just a wee possum...

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