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Tuesday, July 29, 2003  

I was always resistent to signing onto the Arianna Huffington bandwagon. Ah the prescience of paranoia:

It's not official yet, but she's off and running. That was the message at Arianna Huffington's home in posh Brentwood, Calif., on Sunday afternoon, where several dozen political activists and advisors gathered to hear the author and Salon columnist make her case for jumping into the race to recall California Gov. Gray Davis.

She's a wacky, wacky woman. And now--since we're running a Minute Man theme--it looks like the Democratic firing squad has formed a circle. Of course everyone hates Gray Davis. But piling on to this debacle will further sully the already-listing Cal Dems. And if Arianna runs, it may well be a pigpile.

Two things. 1) She could have run in the last cycle. True, she didn't have the juice she's got now, but she would have been a legitimate contender against the already-horribly-unpopular Governor, who seemed to be running against the only Californian less-liked than he. 2) Not waiting until the next election has the stink of desperation about it; she's striking while her iron is hot, and knows that this flaky format is a good opportunity for someone to steal an election.

But stealing elections is exactly what Dems should be standing against right now. Huffington has always seemed like an opportunist to me (remember way back in, oh 1999, when she was writing pretty damn conservative commentary?), and this does nothing to dissuade me of my fears.

(On the other hand, being from the smug state north of Cali, I can't help but be drawn to the spectacle. I think Arnie should definitely reconsider now.)

[An additional thought. I didn't mention that Huffington was thinking of running as an Independent, and this is relevant, sorta. She wishes to offer "progressive alternative." It is better that she runs as an independent, but I think doesn't obscure the opportunism of the move, nor the damage it could cause those progressives (particularly those not hiding behind the "independent" label) she claims to represent.]

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