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Sunday, July 13, 2003  

It's a sweet ride, but not so great for Portland.

The American Solar Challenge started when Kansas State University’s “CATalyst” became the first team from 20 U.S. and Canadian colleges to hit the road in a 2,300-mile race that will end in about 10 days in the southern California city of Claremont. Drivers will spend most of their time on the way to California on historic Route 66.

This is probably not the kind of thing that has legs as a viable transportation option (although they can go up to 95 mph--in Arizona.) Lose the sunshine, though, and they drop back to putt-putt speed. And they don't work at night at all. Still, this really is a no-environmental impact car, unlike electrics (which can be powered by coal burning). Plus, they look really cool. Might even make people realize their SUVs look like wheeled fridges.

A blogger can dream.

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