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Wednesday, July 02, 2003  

I've been thinking about the Supreme Court. Interesting that no one retired, isn't it? I can only think of one reason why this might be the case: the justices are worried that a protracted battle over another nomination will cost George Bush the re-election.

Why else would they hold off? Bush is a popular President who's gotten through 127 of 127 judicial nominees--not a bad record, even taking into account the two filibusters. But Bush is starting to look a little ragged in the press. With Democratic candidates avoiding in-fighting and launching wave after wave of attack at Bush, he's in for the first real fight of his political career.

I think the justices did the math and figured, best wait until next year. Then it will be more obvious that Bush is either listing badly (in which case they could retire and hope he gets a moderate through) or emerging as an odds-on favorite. Either way, they'll stay out of the calculation. But now, with the "everything from masturbation to bestiality" Scalia in the news, Leon Holmes as a stark reminder of Bush's radical choices, and Bush's own troubles with the quagmire, the WMD, and the economy, things look a little less clear.

I guess they'll wait and see what Karl Rove does next.

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