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Monday, July 21, 2003  

Report: Dennis Kucinich Visits Portland

Yesterday at 11am, Dennis met with supporters in a downtown office here in Portland. Kucinich's staffers had imagined a small gathering of volunteers (hence the office); they got 300 people. It was so crowded that after a half hour, Dennis had to go to a parking lot outside the building. He climbed up onto a metal pay box and continued to speak; it had a nice, old-school feel about it.

I've never heard Dennis speak. All my knowledge has come through his policy statements and articles/information about him. Based on all that material, I was prepared to support him. He seemed both progressive and reliable. But hearing him speak was quite another thing. He's really charismatic. He also seems even more credible (though that's the nature of charisma, admittedly).

I filmed much of his speech, and hope to have that available at some point in the future. He's the real deal. I'm sold.

I don't know if the man has any chance to win the Presidency. But as I was listening to him, I had a thought: revolutions occasionally happen. They arise when the circumstances for the unlikely ripen. By their very nature, they're unlikely--at the front end of revolutions, what they always look like are a bunch of idealists on doomed ventures. But in order for the circumstances for revolutions to happen, you've got to have people willing to give the unlikely a chance.

Watching Kucinich, I saw the doomed idealists. They're so doomed that Kos--a Democratic blogger, not Fox News--won't even consider his candidacy legitimate enough to comment on it. And yet I look at Kucinich's positions, and I think they're actually closer to what most Americans believe than the other Democratic candidates, and certainly the President's. So really, the big problem is that no one wants to stand with the doomed idealists.

Well friends, revolutions are always longshots. So the question is, do you want one?

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