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Tuesday, July 15, 2003  

Somehow I missed this. The Oregon Death with Dignity folk have a website called Back off John, containing some nice information about the AG's misdeeds.

It also has a petition I'd encourage you to sign that relates to the Death with Dignity law. It's fairly straightforward stuff--"Even though Oregon voters have TWICE voiced support for their Death with Dignity law, AND a U.S. District Court Judge has told you that you don't have the authority, you’re continuing your crusade." (You can also write your own letter.) So far they've gotten only about 6,500 signatures, which isn't nearly enough to count as pressure. No doubt when all of you reading this sign up, we'll have critical mass (or at least if you convince a 100,000 of your closest friends to also sign).

On behalf of the voters of Oregon, I appreciate it.

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