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Thursday, July 24, 2003  

Thanks to the eagle eye of the Mad Prophet, I now have to clean up a mess I made. Earlier this week, I was taking a look at the distribution of donations among Democratic fundraisers. The thing I found most surprising was Kerry's totals--45% raised in gifts of $200 or less. Except I was wrong. I inverted the two figures; thus, his base is a mere 13% of those under $200; 45% comes from the largest donors.

Whoops. I guess he's not a man of the people after all. (So nice of Atrios to link that post, and then I had to go and muck it up. Oy.)

So I guess my spidey sense might have been right after all. Kerry did have the stink of money on him. That leaves Dean and Kucinich as the populists. And Kucinich as the only progressive populist. At least the choice is back to being pretty clear.

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