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Saturday, July 12, 2003  

Things are moving pretty quickly in the land of the-buck-stops-there. Last night, after I posted about the WMD issue, CIA head George Tenet fell on his sword for the President. (Despite yesterday's post, three weeks ago I wondered if this might not happen.) In fact, it wasn't even a fulsome act of hara kiri; Tenet agreed with the President that vetting the speech was the CIA's responsibility. He wasn't as quick to own the intelligence. Still, it looked like this might provide at least temporary cover for Bush, which, given the attention span of the US media, might be all he would need to wiggle out of trouble.

But hold on. Today the Post is reporting that the the CIA had pulled that same intelligence (about the Niger/uranium connection) from a speech in October, three months before the State of the Union. Whoops.

(Walter Pincus is the reporter who's been following this story, and he deserves a round of applause, if not a Pulitzer.)

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