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Tuesday, July 29, 2003  

Via TAPPED, we get this link from the Federal Election Commission, which details all donations given to political candidates and PACs. A lot of info, but here are some stats to consider in light of earlier numbers I identified.

Number of individual contributions:

John Kerry: 11312
Howard Dean: 10640
John Edwards: 9642
Joe Lieberman: 7261
Dick Gephardt: 5878
Bob Graham: 2747
Dennis Kucinich: 1287
Carol Mosely Braun: 227
Al Sharpton: 135
George Bush 20,367

Bush has raised over $33 million from 20k donors. The Dems have raised just about twice that--$66.5 mil from 50k donors. The Bush base is out and giving already, and giving a lot of money.

And by the way, that FEC site is BIG fun. Punch in some of your local luminaries and see who they're giving to. Or even some of your national luminaries.

Martin Sheen: $2,000 two two legislative Dems.
Arnold Schwarzenegger: $1000 to a Shriver (Dem!) in Maryland.
Maria Shriver: $3000 to Shrivers and Kennedys.
Clint Eastwood: $1000 to Sam Farr (a Dem)

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